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Equine Facilities

The Arena

The focal point of the MisFit Farm Equestrian center is the 70' X 132' covered arena. Recently refurbished, skylights were added for natural light and  LED lights were installed to illuminate the arena during our shorter days in winter and for evening rides. New gates and mirrors were added along with ceiling insulation for noise reduction. An overhead sprinkler system keeps the footing at the correct moisture content.

The footing is what sets MisFit's arena apart from other equestrian centers. During construction, the native soils were taken down to hardpan, laser graded to the perfect level and 100 tons of stone dust was imported in, graded and compacted. 120 tons of golf course grade sand (silica) was installed and mixed with GGT to create an FEI WorldCup quality footing. GGT is considered the tempurpedic mattress of the horse arena.

About GGT Footing

This desired footing is able to absorb shock and gives your horse's feet a reliable solid platform from which to push off. The base anchors a top layer that absorbs much of his footfalls' concussion and provides traction he can depend on when changing direction. Damage to the coffin and pastern joints as well as the ligaments and joints of the lower leg regions (carpal joint) to up to the shoulder joint often appear in connection with bad footing conditions. Pulled ligaments are often caused by uneven, soft or slippery surfaces. German Geo Textile or GGT is a combination of synthetic felt and polyester fibers. Mixed with sand, GGT helps to bind up the footing providing cushion, tractions, and shear support. GGT is widely accepted as the premier footing solution available today. 

For more information on how arena surfaces affect horse biomechanics, check out this video

The Barns & Stalls

MisFit Farm offers twelve, 3/4" rubber matted 12'x14'  stalls in three barns which include individual adjoining private mud free paddocks. We offer 6 stand alone 12'X14' horse condos with private storage and vaulted ceilings. Wood shavings are replenished twice daily and stalls are sanitized monthly. Two heated lounges, two kitchenettes and bathroom facilities are available for client use. MisFit also offers Wifi, a heated grooming bay, vet/ferrier bay, heated feed room, custom floor to ceiling tack lockers, and indoor and outdoor hot/cold wash rack. Our services include daily turn out, blanket changes, and sesonal rotational pasture grazing. Blanket cleaning service available on request and trailer storage is available on site.  The owner lives on site and night checks the facilities between 10 and 11pm.

Our Pasture

MisFit Farm offers over 5 acres of lush pastureland. Working in tandem with King Conservation District and Horses for Clean Water, MisFit has adhered to the strictest controls of pasture management utilizing rotational grazing techniques, organic fertilizing using on site compost, aeration, and twice a year seeding with high quality seed designed specifically for horse pasture. Summer irrigation allows for a longer grazing season prior to the removal of horses from pasture in the winter months.

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